The Malabar Pepper Company

Finest Tellicherry Whole Black Pepper

Our Process

Superior Flavor

Harvesting and sun drying of the pepper takes place during the dry and sunny months of January through March. Still green fully matured pepper is hand-plucked from the pepper vine, and dried through a carefully controlled natural process to remove moisture from the peppercorn. The end product of this process is a highly flavored black peppercorn, with a powerful aroma and complex, bold flavor, known the world over as Tellicherry Black Pepper, the standard against which all other pepper is measured.

Naturally Processed

No chemicals or irradiation is used in bringing our finest Tellicherry pepper to you. Natural and timeless methods of growing and processing pepper have been matched with a closely-monitored modern quality controlled process to bring you a completely natural and fresh product.

Origin Control

Pepper, once grown exclusively in India's Malabar region, is today commercially farmed in South-east Asia and South America. Arbitrage often occurs, with lower quality pepper from these destinations imported to the Malabar coast, and mixed in with higher quality local produce. Origin of processed pepper with most exporters is now difficult to establish, as open market stocks are mixed. The Malabar Pepper Company guarantees our Tellicherry pepper's origination in the region, as we maintain strict origin controls.