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Finest Tellicherry Whole Black Pepper

Heirloom Tellicherry

Heirloom Tellicherry Pepper Karimunda Single Estate

The Malabar Pepper Company introduces a unique product, a single heirloom Tellicherry pepper varietal - the Karimunda, grown on our historic estate among the verdant hills of the sunny Malabar Coast.

Grown using traditional and natural methods, this pepper’s smoky bold flavor is the result of years of symbiosis between this heirloom plant, and the topography, geology, sun angle, soils, and climate of the land of its native origin. Expressing “terroir” in its truest sense, this fabled heirloom varietal grown on its soil of origin is returned to its historic place at the pinnacle of the world’s spices.

Hand picked, sun-dried and packaged at source, this superlative pepper's terroir is immediately evident in the fragrant aroma of an opened bottle. That unique terroir is confirmed as this pepper deliciously infuses any food it is paired with and as it creates the perfect foundation for any dish.