The Malabar Pepper Company

Finest Tellicherry Whole Black Pepper


The World's Finest

The Malabar Pepper Company offers the finest hand-picked Tellicherry Pepper, the world's most sought-after black pepper. Only our highest-quality peppercorns are selected for international sale.


Our pepper is grown exclusively in Tellicherry Taluka or county, known through history as the source of the best black pepper. A combination of soils, terrain, temperature, sun angle and climatic humidity, with traditional growing and harvesting methods perfected over the centuries, produces the finest pepper from our superior pepper vine strains.

Fresh Bold Flavor

A powerful aroma and a complex melding of flavors define our finest Tellicherry pepper. Bouquet: A rich and spicy symphony of aromas - rising dewy, effervescent rainforest high tones, layered over woody, warm, earthy low notes. Tasting Notes: Deep, warm heat; mellow and lingering, with hints of Smoked Cedar, Black Cardamom and Nutmeg.

Packaged at Source

We package our pepper at source, right after harvesting and processing at our farm, locking in its freshness. This freshness is immediately revealed with the powerful aroma that greets you on opening a package of our pepper. By eliminating the warehousing and reprocessing required by the separated chain of production and processing followed by other exporters, we ensure our pepper reaches you at its freshest.